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A clay tile roof ready to be re-layed
Tile Roof Lift and Reset: What You Should KnowA lift and reset is the process of moving tiles aside and installing new underlayment. It could save you money and headaches.Read
flat roof with a cricket
What is a Roof Cricket? Roof crickets help keep water away from roof structures. Learn more about how they extend the life of your roof.Read
close up of a metal roof eave
A Guide to Roof EavesRoof eaves don't get enough credit. They divert water away from your home and provide for your attic. Read
A close-up of a hailstone on a shingled roof.
Weathering the Storm: A Comprehensive Guide to Hail Damage Roof InspectionsHail damage costs the US $15 billion every year. If you notice any damage to your roof after a hail storm, it’s time to get it professionally inspected.Read
Closeup of a red tile roof.
The Lifespan of a Tile RoofTile roofs have been around for centuries and remain one of the best options for homes today. Lifespan is of the best quality, but there are many other benefits to having a tile roof.Read
A roofer laying down shingles while carefully poised on the roof.
Roof Safety Basics: DIY Tips and When to Leave It to the ProfessionalsThis article outlines the essential roof safety tips for homeowners while also highlighting instances when it's best to hire a professional for the job.Read
A woman holding up two types of shingles next to her house to compare them.
Choosing the Best Roofing Shingle: 3-Tab vs. ArchitecturalSelecting suitable roofing material can be a difficult choice. Learn the difference between the most commonly used roofing materials here. Read